Coaches & Team Directory

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Not sure if they are legit? Here your directory of coaches to help save you time. How do we know they are legit? They participate in the Center Podium BEST COACHES program. After each coach has spent the year proving themselves, they will be ranked and the BEST COACH will receive the Best Coach Award at the Legion Sports Fest!

Coach Region Online Email Phone Website
Calibrated Training & Nutrition USA Yes
Anthony Altamirano NorNev Yes 775-450-4287
B-Built International – Eric Broser SoCal Yes BODYFX2@AOL.COM 516-680-9392
Bojana Vasiljevic SoCal Yes
C.S. Maestas Nor Nev Yes 775-762-8388
Carlos Pintos Nor Nev Yes
Chris Cormier SoCal Yes
Cyber Bodyshop CA Yes 516-680-9392
Elite Fitness Training Center SoCal Yes 951-329-1624
Danny Hester, Mr. Olympia SoCal Yes
EVOKE Fitness NorNev Yes 775-827-1995
Foulgers Soldiers SoCal Yes 760-343-6730
Handsom Muscle NorCal Yes 408-497-4682
Jane Joaquin / JJ Bikini Squad SoCal Yes 951-395-0921
Mark Anthony, Mr. Olympia SoNev Yes
Oksana Grishina SoCal Yes 516-680-9392
Peak Nutrition NorNev 775-782-2244
Tamara Haddad SoCal Yes
Team 4EVR Fit SoCal Yes 855-411-4387
Team NJFF NorCal Yes
UFC Gym Reno NorNev Yes 775-285-9340

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Earn a place on this page, plus be considered for the BEST COACH and earn marketing credits for free advertising at our shows. Learn about the program HERE. Then email for more information.