Reno, Nevada’s Grand Sierra Resort Showroom stage is the perfect stage for an NPC bodybuilding contest. Shouldn’t the largest stage in America, stand beneath the largest physiques in America? Adorned by $10 MILLION in enhancements and backstage built for the cast of a Broadway Review, it provides ample room and services for the stars of the NPC Mother Lode. Every NPC athlete, young and old are treated as a star! Just to prove it, we have a special competitor menu and an after party at LEX Nightclub hosted by Mr. Olympia Mark Anthony with free VIP entry for competitors!

Register online now for 2019 for the early bird price of just $109 and save compared to the onsite price of $160.

The NPC Mother Lode is a visual extravaganza! The show harkens back to before the Golden Days of bodybuilding to a time when muscles could only be found at freak shows and on the inside of dirty red and white striped tents. Ms. Olympia, Oksana Grishina, will bring you an original performance in the theme of the NPC Mother Lode. Her performances are mind-blowing as you can see in THIS VIDEO when she performed at our sister show the NPC West Coast Classic. You will also see the Reno Aerialists, “The Siren Society” perform to our theme. And the opening act WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! The show ends with a dramatic decision that will send just TWO of our SEVEN overall winners to Canada to compete for their IFBB Pro Cards. With all that is in store to entertain, you will have to see to believe! Buy your tickets early to reserve the best seats!

Introducing our RingMaster of Ceremonies Eric the Trainer! Eric is Known as the trainer of Hollywood and host of Celebrity Sweat. He brings his skills on the mic to Reno on May 11, 2019 as the most entertaining emcee in the Silver State at the NPC Mother Lode.

Just as you would expect from a Center Podium Production, producer of the Tahoe Show, Legion Sports Fest, Dexter Jackson Classic, NPC West Coast Classic and voted 2017 promoter of the year, the NPC Mother Lode is first in class.

Maybe you missed the show or perhaps were on the stage instead of the audience….

The entire Pre-Judging and Finals can be viewed on the Center Podium website. Once you are on the Center Podium site, you can also watch the videos from every Center Podium Production since the very first Tahoe Show in 2011. Plus you will find a detail Competitor Prep Guide which walks you through every detail of your contest prep from the first day to stepping on stage. That’s not all! View tens-of-thousands of show photos, training videos and original series such as the “OGs of Venice Beach“. The cost to join is much less than a DVD at just $9.95!

Chris was voted 2017’s Best Bodybuilding promoter. With a background in event promotion starting back in 1991, Minnes has promoted hundreds of events including concerts, ski events, mt. bike races and more. Combining his event and customer service background, passion for bodybuilding, Minnes rolled out the first Tahoe Show in 2011. The show now sells out annually.

Chris has strict standards for every production with an emphasis that places the guest’s experience first. Some of these guidelines require an epic showroom with permanent, sloped seating. The experience must a one-stop shop with the show, hotel, tanning, registration and food all within walking distance. The competitors must have bathrooms backstage, mirrors and a proper pump up area equipped with weights. The shows must be entertaining and have the best emcees, best entertainers, most beautiful stage sets. What ties it all together is free; this is a smile. Kindness, understanding, and patients from our entire team who all have all been there. They understand your stage fright, nervousness, and hunger. They will assure that every athlete, whether they win or lose, has an experience of a lifetime.

Chris also produces the NPC West Coast Classic, Tahoe Show, Dexter Jackson Classic, and the new Legion Sports Fest which includes six IFBB Pro divisions and a multi-sport expo.